Autism and Child Psychology | Santa Rosa, CA

Autism, Behavioral Challenges, ADD, ADHD, and Special Needs Children
I am trained as a Behavior Specialist and Flower Essence Practitioner, and have worked extensively with families and children who have behavioral challenges and/or autism, ADD, and special needs. I understand that families facing these challenges have very special concerns and circumstances and often experience even higher stress levels than others. They can have dysregulated nervous systems that diminish the capacity for calm connecting and healthy relationship. I am able to offer holistic and complementary as well as traditional approaches.

As a result of therapy, many clients diagnosed with behavior challenges and
emotional dysregulation experience:

family of 4 holding hands in a field

  • Increased ability to both
    regulate and tolerate a
    wider range of emotions
  • Improved communication and
    social interaction
  • More sustained focus
  • An easier time relaxing
  • Increased family harmony

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