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Couples Therapy Santa Rosa, CA

Relationships and connections give our lives meaning, and yet primary relationships can also be the most challenging. Often we are attracted to the very people who can most easily touch our tender spots and push our most vunerable buttons. There is a reason for that attraction, for the frustration that often comes with it,  and most importantly, there is hope for good outcomes.

Early attachment patterns are the adaptive strategies we used to feel safe with our primary caregivers. Some of us experienced safe nurturing childhoods and have wonderful memories and stable relationships. Others of us, however, had challenges to adapt to. Sometimes we grew up in single parent familes, or with overly strict or overly neglectful parents, or with medical challenges, abuse, or alcoolism. Many kinds of circumstances shape how we perceive and adapt to our primary caregivers, and what kinds of wounds we carry with us into our primary adult relationships.

Often we are most attracted to the person who is best able to trigger those old and very primal feeling wounds. This same person however, the person we are closest to,  is also the person most able to help us heal those primal wounds and come into more wholeness. Learning tools and strategies to navigate these tender places and use them for growth and healing can expand our potential for loving connection in deep and powerful ways.

What you can expect from couples therapy:
• Attunement to your special circumstances and needs
• Assistance in creating safe space in your relationship
and learning strategies to support each other in
healing and soothing old wounds
• Tools to help calm and regulate your own and each
other's most tender and firey emotions and moods
• Improvement and resolution of entrenched and
disfunctional communication and behavior patterns
• A deeper and more alive commitment to each other,
and a m ore enjoyable and fulfilling relationship
• Better parenting strategies and more family
harmony for those of you who have children

As a solution-focused therapist, my goal is to help you and your partner gain the tools, strategies, and experiences you need to enjoy and sustain a deeply satisfying and fulfilling relationship.

If you're experiencing challenges in your relationship I invite you to get the support you deserve to translate those challenges into expanded growth and deepened connection.

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