Telehealth and Remote Sessions

Covid And Beyond

During the Covid crisis and perhaps beyond and while insurance carriers and allowing, we may be needing to do sessions via remote means. Many people are stressed and anxious with the uncertainties of a changed world. Learning to be more comfortable navigating change is a set of skills worth learning and times of change are always good times to allow yourself the support you deserve.

I am offering remote sessions via a video platform called doxyme and while it is currently allowed via FaceTime as well if needed. Doxyme is easy as I will email you a link which you click on and puts you in my remote waiting room where I can initiate a video call. For those who have not done video calls before I want to  reassure you that it is easy and I will be there to walk you through it though you do need access to a computer or smart phone. When we are no longer in shelter mode I look forward to meeting again in person.

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