My Approach

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My Approach
The most important point I can make about working with clients is that you are a unique individual, and your path to healing will be likewise unique.
Your life situations, needs and goals are different from everyone else’s, so it makes no sense to apply a rigid ‘text book’ approach. Instead, I draw on my professional experience, training and intuition to help us cocreate a personalized approach to best serve you in our conversations.

My Philosophy: You Are the Healer
I strongly believe that you do the healing—not me—and so my job is to empower you with insights and tools that help the powerful healer within you to emerge. Some examples:
  • If there are old traumas that cause you unwanted responses in life, I’ll share tools that will help you disengage from the power of that trauma and let your light shine through.
  • If you’re experiencing ongoing and depleting stress, I’ll share researched and documented tools that use the hormones and rhythms of your heart to metabolize the stress back into a sense of balance and well-being.
  • If depression, anxiety, or panic attacks trouble you, I will share tools that will help you resolve them on your own whenever they arise.
  • If addictions are an issue, I’ll encourage you to honor the underlying desire to feel good, and we will explore alternative means of accomplishing this.
  • If you’re having difficulty sustaining loving relationships and feeling nurtured, we’ll explore the origins only as needed to resolve old hurts and repattern healthy ways of relating. You’ll learn new ways to give and receive love.
  • If your child is having personal or behavioral problems, you may find flower essences and parenting support to be powerful allies.

Traditional and Complementary Strategies

As a licensed psychologist, behavior specialist and hypnotherapist, I am trained in the effective use of standard counseling methodologies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, applied behavior analysis, and clinical hypnosis. However, I do not limit my practice to traditional clinical psychology approaches.

I also work intuitively and offer complementary strategies for those who seek them. Many clients find they engage with these practices easily because they find them to be simple, enjoyable and noticeably effective —even if they don’t quite understand what’s behind them. These approaches include and are not limited to:
  1. The ‘Restorative Response’ of the Heart . Stress affects our health and well-being more powerfully than most of us realize. But no matter how severe the stress, our hearts are capable of orchestrating restorative hormones, social and emotional connections, physiological balance and a sense of well-being. I share science-based heart tools: user friendly, enjoyable strategies that release stress and cultivate healthy heart awareness.
  2. Energy Psychology . The term ‘energy psychology’ includes a variety of energy and meridian-based tools. These offer concise strategies geared toward quickly and easily resolving current fears and old traumas
  3. Somatic and Sensory Based Trauma Repatterning. Sometimes trauma is remembered more in the body and is not always easily accessed through narrative or cognitive means. Somatic and sensory based strategies can be very helpful in repatterning trauma and also in strenthening somatic and sensory awareness.
  4. Attachment Style and Relationship Repair. Our early bonding and attachment styles can set lifelong patterns for success or challenge in all of our  relationships.  Learning to repair ruptures in relationships helps us learn to regulate our emotions, communicate more heartfully, and sustain loving relationships.
  5. Flower Essences . I also offer flower essence consultations. Flower essences are plant-based remedies that are commonly used in Europe, Australia and South America. They offer gentle, effective support to assist in resolving challenging emotional and behavioral patterns.
Life will always present us with challenges. But it is how we meet those challenges that determines whether we constrict in stress, or step beyond to grow and expand in grace and pleasure.
We all deserve to be supported on our life journey—and so do you. Please feel free to contact me for a complimentary phone consultation to answer your questions and see how my approach might work for you.
I provide therapy at my office in Santa Rosa, CA as well as via zoom in all surrounding areas and cities. 

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